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Our history: Over 70 years of heritage, entirely Made In France

The Signature F. brand has developed high-end ready-to-wear collections with incomparable know-how, handed down from generation to generation for 70 years. Heirs to a lineage of lacemakers and manufacturers of Leavers lace, Signature F. has built its reputation around the recognized "Dentelle de Calais-Caudry®" label.

Our Story

"In 1920, my grandfather founded his Leavers lace factory with his wife, and acquired a dozen looms. In 1957, my father took over the family business of Leavers lace manufacture, and continued its development. I watched the company grow as my father took me there after leaving school. My mother, with her artistic spirit and sewing training, took over control of finishing. She creates pieces that can be found in boutiques in France and Italy. Lace, a subtle and timeless fabric, constantly reinvented through drawings and sketches, has stood the test of time and remains particularly popular. In 2014, Signature F. was born, in partnership with my two daughters, continuing the family story."

« Notre volonté est de mettre un éclairage sur la dentelle, savoir-faire français, de la penser comme une œuvre d’art, sublimant la personnalité de la personne qui la porte. Puisant l’inspiration dans le patrimoine, nous proposons de nouvelles approches stylistiques associant dentelles et autres matières. Signature F. est engagée dans un vestiaire durable et désirable, de portée intemporelle, au quotidien et dans le temps» Françoise
Françoise, Valeriane & Emmanuelle
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